Difference Between Desktop and Mobile Crypto Wallet

3 min readFeb 12, 2022

Mobile and Desktop crypto wallets are similar in design although one is accessible via a computer while the other is on your mobile device. However, both these wallets are not only non-custodial but also use a password and a recovery phrase that allows you to regain access in case anything happens.

If you are looking for a crypto wallet that not only enables you to trade but also makes it easy for you to buy, convert crypto to fiat currency or sell digital assets, then mobile wallets are an ideal option for you. Having said that, the choice of crypto wallet is determined by your objective.

For example, are you looking for a short-term or long-term investment strategy? All this is dependent on what you want to achieve as an investor.

Another common similarity between these two wallets is that they are connected to the internet. This means all are hot wallets.

So are there any major differences between a mobile and a desktop Wallet? Read on!


The key difference between a mobile wallet and a desktop wallet is portability. When you install a crypto wallet on your mobile device, you gain total control over your digital assets. As such, you can access your portfolio any time you want.

This differs from a desktop wallet since you need to have access to your computer in order to use it. So whether you are a new crypto investor or thinking about investing in crypto, a mobile wallet lets you trade on the go and its easier to use.


Another key feature about a mobile wallet is that it lets you trade on the go. This is contrary to a desktop wallet that you can only access via your computer. One such example is the Defix wallet. Aside from serving as a mobile wallet, the web version of the wallet lets you access it via any standard browser.

Comparatively, a Desktop crypto wallet comes with limited features compared to a mobile crypto wallet. However, apart from being compatible with various mobile devices like iOS and Android, mobile wallets lets you trade while in control of your private keys.


While both Desktop and Crypto Wallets are non-custodial wallets, they defer in terms of security. Compared to desktop wallets, mobile wallets strike a balance between security and convenience.

Therefore if you are looking for a more secure crypto wallet that guarantees the safety of your crypto holdings, it’s high time you consider installing a mobile wallet.


Even though desktop and mobile crypto wallets serve almost a similar purpose, both come with different features that suit the needs of every crypto investor. While desk top wallets can be downloaded through a computer similar to mobile wallets, mobile wallets come with better features that enable users to easily manage their portfolio on the go.

All you need is to download a mobile wallet like Defix from the google play store and trade conveniently straight from your mobile device.




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